AIPRM Premium just launched

The wait is over! Today, March 16 2023, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT with Premium Plans to our early adopters. Soon, we’ll be rolling out these game-changing features to even more users.


And even more:

How to install AIPRM Premium


Wish I would have gotten it sooner to be classified as an “early adpoter”. Love the extension.


If you install AIPRM Premium today, then you ARE an early adopter :slight_smile:

Ca. 630,000 user do NOT have it yet. :sweat_smile:


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love this, but i kind of goof’d and bought plus and then bought pro thinking it was an upgrade since it says “upgrade” but instead it just buys a second plan… Any chance I can get a refund on the $5 plan since I bought the $20 instead?


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Welcome and thanks so much for the valuable feedback @Steve.

We tried to define very clear rules how additional plans/multiple plans work and a no-refund policy, but valuable feedback like this certainly qualifies for a one-time exception. That’s done already.

You rock!

We’ve already changed the label on that button.
If you still find things confusing, or have ideas for AIPRM Feature Requests
please don’t hesitate to post it!

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You’re the best, ty!

I installed the Premium version. Just to clarify, are you now saying AIPRM is no longer free and the minimum someone would have to pay is $2/mth to have access to the prompts?

I had the same thought, believing I was an early adopter.

No. There’s still the free version and that will continue. The paid plans add extra features such as the ability to bookmark and organize those bookmarks and higher quotas on private prompts, etc.

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Will AIPRM in the future have a lifetime lisense to buy?

Companies usually only offer a lifetime license when it is profitable to them - most especially, when they are finding it hard to keep developing and updating, and want to grab the cash now and worry about how to fund it later. I can’t even guess how many ‘Amazing Lifetime Offer’ pitches were released by companies who simply wanted the funds to work on another project. I’m always a little wary of such offers because of that (though I do have a few ‘lifetime licenses’ that I bought, several of them on products I haven’t used in years…).


No. As @Ammon said, essentially LTOs are a scam.

You cannot maintain software “for lifetime” because no developer will work “for lifetime on a one-off payment”.

Typical scheme in “Super cool SEO Software I push to my oh so great list of buyers”-SEO-Tool-Affiliates.


To be utterly fair, there are a few exceptions (though they are very rare). One such Lifetime License was the one I bought for Xsplit Broadcaster (fantastic video streaming software) that I have had immense value out of for some years now. But I bought that only months after having bought a lifetime license for a different and lesser software of the same kind that I have simply never used since.

So while the vast majority of LTOs are a scam, a few are genuine but somewhat desperate seeming offers that pay off. Very few, but they are out there.

Waste of money. U can find all premium prompts in Top Likes/Top Votes

Wonderful - then you can do that. Good luck.

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Non-customers complain in public.

Real customers that use your product for a competitive advantage prefer privacy, so THEIR competitors don’t “find out their tricks”.

Like Brendan :slight_smile:

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Did you just give away his competitive advantage secrecy? :rofl: