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Hi there,

Are these final prices?

I really like the tool, find it very useful and I’ve been using it from the very beginning, but pricing it same than Chapgpt seems a bit pretentious.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think it offers the same value than Chapgpt does (by far).

I expected around 5€ for the pro version (the only one that adds value), but well, let’s see.

Hope we are on time to pívot.


So my understanding is that when I log in, my previous 6 private prompts disappear. If I want to save them, and possibly a few more, I have to pay 20 € / month. Ergo as much as for chatGPT itself. Don’t take offense, but this is too high.

If of your 600,000 users, as of today, 500,000 would book the small package a 2 € / month, and that is not so unlikely, we are talking about 120 million € per year. Congratulations, you have found the holy grail.

To close now constructively: For people who are still learning the subject and currently spend more time than save, the costs - especially in relation to the actual product - are too high. I would go along with up to 5€/month for currently still “gimmicky”.


Thanks for your thoughts and welcome to the AIPRM Community.

No, your existing private prompts will not disappear, no worries.

But you cannot store new private prompts with the free plan.

Free plan allows 2 private prompts and 1 upcoming prompt.

Also, with 6 Private Prompts you are already an outlier, as we documented here.

relation to the actual product - are too high.
I would go along with up to 5€/month for currently still “gimmicky”.

We have very much expected that the “mind-blowing AIPRM” will quickly be talked down the moment we want to be paid for our hard work and huge upfront investments…

…once there’s just 2 EUR to pay.


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Thanks so much for the honest feedback on your perspective, and how these plans do or do not fit with your own usage. That’s always incredibly valuable to the developers of tools.

As you’ve possibly noticed, we’ve had a pretty constant stream of requests for new features and functionality, and quite a lot of those will involve a need for even more processing power, data storage, and time across the hundreds of thousands of user accounts.

However big the dreams, right now, the AIPRM team are not in the position of Google with so many millions of computers networked into their datacenters that processing and storing immense amounts of data are merely a case of prioritization, not capacity. Christoph and team had to do some major upgrades to the hardware and systems just to even launch these pro features, and if many adopt them it will require a lot, lot more upgrades and expansions. There are increased costs, and quite significant ones, to provide these extra features, so the fees are very, very far from pure profit. The more people choose to upgrade their accounts, the more hardware and work is involved to meet that demand. So don’t be imagining that it’s all profit. Far from it.

AI is a hugely expensive business. Did you know for example that a single training run of an AI back in the old GPT3 phase would cost over $12million for OpenAI to hire the amount of processor runtime required? And that a final model usually takes dozens of such runs? All true, and checkable. It just takes that much processing power to run neural networking on a task and do machine learning of the scale and depth required even for the older models, and the latest generation of LLMs are 100 and more times larger, requiring correspondingly more processing cycles.

We’re not at all likely to get 500,000 immediate purchases of even the basic plan. Did you notice in the announcement that less than 1% of all users of AIPRM have even a single private prompt? The data was shared there, and its quite fascinating. And to be 100% honest with you, I’ll absolutely bet that AIPRM is counting on only a percentage of users signing up for the pro plans right away. Only the serious and power users who want or need the extra functionality. In the simplest terms, even with the upgrades that were made, if 500,000 people signed up for one of the higher plans right now, the system would really, really struggle, as a best case scenario, and not at all perform at the level of speed and service Christoph expects and wants to deliver consistently.

He’s absolutely counting on many people, like yourself, being happy with the free product, at least for their current usage, and only a relatively small proportion wanting and needing the extras. Of course, Christoph can correct me if I’m wrong on any of this. :slight_smile:


I share the same thoughts as FlorenciVS - a price point of 5USD would be reasonable and accessible for many people. While I would have no issue paying this amount, 20USD is excessively high. Your explanation of the costs and expenses involved is not pertinent, as I have been running an IT company for over 25 years and know that this is not an effective way to attract customers. I am genuinely fond of your product, but I am certain that I will not be willing to pay 20USD per month. I hope that this feedback proves helpful to you.


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In response to @FlorenciVS and @lvalics - since you have pretty much exactly the same points I’ll respond to both at once.

The Lowest price paid plan is $2 per month (obviously, the lowest absolute plan is to carry on with the free version), and includes the much requested ability to favourite some prompts (4 favourites in 1 list) along with ‘Power Continue’. For the vast majority of users, that offers plenty of value - you did notice that only one user per hundred even has one single private prompt and less than 1 user out of every 400 goes above the need for 4 private prompts (which the $2 Basic paid package includes).

The $5 package that you both claim is a reasonable amount you’d expected exists. It provides 3 favourite lists, each of 8 items, for a total ability to recall 24 favourite prompts. It includes 10 private prompts, a limit that less than 1 user per 10,000 had gone above. And let’s be 100% real here, those people mainly went above because there was no cost or reason not to. You gain the ability to ‘Hide’ prompts that always seem to surface but that you have no interest in or use for so you can more easily find those more relevant to your needs. Combined with the sorted Favourites, that ‘Hide Prompt’ feature is a huge bonus in sorting and finding the prompts you want and use regularly, or even occasionally, quickly and easily. And you get the Tone and Writing Style enhancements. All at that 5 dollar per month price you said was practical and reasonable.

It may not offer all of the extra features you may have wished it to, but it certainly offers a lot, and does so at a price you’d already stated as reasonable and expected. I’m certain that the Plus Plan will be very suitable for a huge number of users, and will greatly benefit their workflows.

Okay, so, the $20 ‘Pro Plan’ is a big step up. It even states exactly who it is aimed at - “professionals who understand the enormous benefits and time-savings that AIPRM brings and are ready to take it to the next level”. If the value of those features it adds are not covered many times over at a fee of 20 dollars per month then I think it is fair to say that your professional benefits and time-savings are not ‘enormous’, and it was never for you. And that’s fine. Not everyone is going to be applying AIPRM in ways that massively increase their business or decrease time-costs and improve efficiency to where $20 is a pittance or a ‘no-brainer’.

The Pro package is meant to be a huge step up. It offers levels of organization, private prompt storage, and customization options that the vast majority of folks might love, but don’t need. Though of course there is nothing to stop anyone buying it at a cost that amounts to less than the price of one takeaway coffee per week.

Perhaps you haven’t understood the commitment and time that has to go into having ‘Verified Prompts’ and the fact that it means physically keeping tabs on the absolute best prompts and committing staff time and effort into ensuring they are always maintained and updated as ChatGPT continues to evolve, add new features, etc.

Perhaps you don’t appreciate that in having 2 ‘Upcoming Prompts’ it incurs added risk of substandard or not-ready prompts creeping in by allowing double the amount of prompts that have not passed the user-led quality control system (5 thumbs up).

But if you don’t appreciate those things, and the extra costs they incur, that’s fine. The lower packages are probably more than sufficient, as you’ve gotten by so far with the free version only.

I hope that’s a useful perspective on why the price points are where they are. Certain features require more cost to the AIPRM team, either in manpower, or in risk mitigation (such as having more staff reviewers/admin so really, manpower again), and those have to be reflected in the pricing. Hardware is hardware, so features that only take more processing or more storage are a more level, flat sort of increase. Manpower is when things get steeper.

However, let me point out again that I’m merely a neutral moderator, not an employee of AIPRM, and my observations are simply those of someone who has worked with a huge variety of Internet businesses and markets, at all levels from part-timer and freelancer to Director level. If I have observed any details wrongly, or there are different specifics in play, I’m sure @aiprm-christophc can point them out.

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Wow, thanks so much @Ammon - I had to read this multiple times.

My only correction would be that you mentioned EUR prices - but AIPRM does only work in English, and only in USD.

I couldn’t write it as good as you did, thanks so much, I 100% agree.

We have set the prices now how they are, and they are VERY fair.

In fact I consider these prices early-bird prices and we’ve announced that prices MAY and very likely WILL go up after April 17 for new subscription purchases. - and we’ve done that over 14+ years with LinkResearchTools and Link Detox, too.

More value=higher price.
Buy early=benefit from being an early supported for years.


Oops, great call on the Euros/Dollars thing. I’d just been reading the post about VAT from the guy in the Netherlands right before, and you were both kinda talking Euros for that so I must have had them stuck in mind. :slight_smile: I’ll quickly edit for accuracy.

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“will quickly be talked down the moment we want to be paid for our hard work and huge upfront investments…”

Definitely not the case. On the contrary. I was absolutely willing to pay at once today. But what should I do with so few own prompts? Maybe I am getting something completely wrong, but in my understanding I would need at least 10 to 15 private prompts just for checking out what works for me. This is without having a reliable time saving. As I said, if I could get about that for about 5 EU/ month, would be great. Even for 10 i would consider it. But 20 for starters makes no sense to me. You know, all the little tools sum up.

Edit: when I looked earlier today there was a 2 $ plan and the 20 $ plan. The 5 $ plan was NOT there. Exactly the reason, why i wrote about the price in the first place.

So I am going to upgrade tomorrow to the 5 $ plan.

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I hope your software will be successful. I’m willing to pay $5 (it is a maybe 8$) per month for the professional version because I need customized style and tone, as well as private prompts. However, I don’t think it’s worth $20 per month. As a professional, I value your tool, and it adds value to my work. If you lower the price, I’ll become a client, but if not, I’ll continue to manage things manually, as I’ve been doing for a while now.


Thanks for your feedback.

We’re not changing prices and we don’t offer any discounts.

Discount Coupon for AIPRM Premium

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The price is absurd!
The 24-dollar offer (with taxes), which is unique to consider as the other (8 dollars), does not make much sense.
It is a simple prompt collector (with prompts created by us users for free) with no technology, just a hosting plan with a database that collects data in text form, thus with limited resource requirements.
In any case, they are right to ask for so much money as this need for prompts will disappear within a few months (ChatGPT will be integrated into Office very soon, as well as in other applications such as Google Workspace), so there is less and less need to go to the browser to ask, besides the fact that it is enough to tell ChatGPT to build the specific prompt.

What puzzles me, however, is the lack of logic in applying prices without considering that not everyone lives and works in the wealthiest economy in the world (USA). This indicates (in my opinion) that this extension was created to take as much money as possible in the short term without a long-term view.


There is a lot, lot, LOT more to setting up a browser extension that functions in combination with cloud storage and a constantly evolving and upgrading OpenAI API than you imagine. The initial outlay and investment into providing the free version of AIPRM would almost certainly make you cry. If you don’t believe me, contact AIPRM and offer to pay for half of it. :rofl:

Staff costs alone don’t seem to exist in your fantasy version, and somehow the app builds itself, upgrades by itself whenever OpenAI change something, all the emails answer themselves, the servers administer themselves, etc.

The AIPRM Pro package is very explicitly aimed at professional users - those who make so much more money (from anywhere in the World they choose) that $20 per month is a nonissue of an investment. If that isn’t you, then that isn’t you. There’s no shame in that. It is simply a package designed for a different level of use to that you need.

The really obvious clue to that is in the features you are completely overlooking. For example, the Pro plan is the lowest price point for the ‘Verified Prompts’. To even offer verified prompts, it requires staff time to continually monitor all the new prompts generated, pick those that are the very best or most essential, and arrange to make a commitment to keeping them constantly and speedily updated any time that OpenAI decide to change any functionality. To an average user that’s probably not that important. But to the Professional who has certain prompts that are an essential part of their daily workflow, every hour or day waiting for an essential prompt to be updated is money lost, or in some cases, clients lost. That alone tells you a lot about who the package is aimed at. I don’t think it is you, and that’s perfectly okay. Nobody is forcing you to buy what you don’t need. But by the same kind of token, just because you want something extra doesn’t mean you are automatically entitled to have it, and that others must invest into supplying it for you.

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Your arguments are undoubtedly valid, but I don’t think you’re right about evaluating the tool you are using. These are user-created “prompts”; no software is behind it, no engineer, algorithm or anything else that would justify this expense. For $13 (included tax), I open a premium account on Writesonic. Come on, let’s be serious; for a series of verified prompts, $24 is an absurd expense, and I don’t think being a marketing professional justifies you from throwing money away.

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You may be right, it might seem an overstated pricing for some users, Although, you can’t say ‘absurd’ without knowing much details of how they are doing it.

But your role now, is just to provide your thoughts and opinion about the pricing.
not to make them feel they’re supposed to change their mind, or because some people are upset due to that pricing, doesn’t mean we can argue with them about it.


It appears that you may not be familiar with the AIPRM product and the resources required to deliver such a service to such a large number of users with fast response times. There are many factors and cost drivers to consider at the technical, legal, and commercial levels.

It’s important to have evidence to support any claims made such as yours, and to approach discussions with a sense of humility.

It’s also worth noting that replicating the success of a business is often more challenging than it may seem.

Just a quick courtesy nudge from the Moderator before it becomes a necessity - be careful to argue with the points made/presented, and not with the person making them. It can sometimes be a very fine line, and I just want to remind everyone that the line exists before anyone crosses it. Thanks.


If you are running a business, then it is a simple analysis and you either fork out a few dollars more or not.

For those who are complaining about the price, you are not running a business. So, go small until you are a business or discover how useful the tool is in your daily life and upgrade to match.

  • Guess what, ChatGPT is all about prompts(I see it literally useless without a proper prompt)
  • You supposed that the only plan available is 20 USD.
  • OpenAI has it’s own cost-support company (so don’t compare that to this).