Prompts say 'generate 2000+ words' but only creates a few hundred?

I’ve been using several public prompts to create full-length blogs - these prompts say that they create blogs between 2000 and 5000 words long, but what they create is more about 800 words long. How can I get these prompts to do what they say they’ll do in terms of word length, or expand the content to a specific length? FWIW, asking ‘write a 2000-word blog on this topic’ doesn’t work well either.

You can try using “Power Continue” to ask ChatGPT to continue from where it stopped:

However, at some point, you will likely encounter the limits of ChatGPT:

See also:


fantastic, thanks heaps!

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What I do is ask it for information about a topic. Then I ask it to write an outline for that topic. Then I ask it to write each section of that topic. I save each part of it. Then I manually put it together. I am also examining some of the new plugs. Fake agi is not too bad. But the old adage garbage in garbage out. As you use it more you get better and better.