Features from "Elite" membership

I was an early adopter of AIPRM with an “elite” membership. Part of that membership included the ability to see the prompt source and change / edit the prompt to better suit our needs. I paid for a year in advance. I no longer have that ability. Why don’t I have access to the features that I paid for?

That sounds very much as if you were forking a prompt. AIPRM doesn’t give premium users the ability to just edit the actual prompts of others (you wouldn’t want some third party able to change yours, right?), but allows them to create a fork, which is a copy of the original that can go a different way. Forking is still a feature.

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Which feature you can’t access?

Make sure you are connected to the right OpenAI account linked with the paid AIPRM account.

See also: LAUNCHED: Forking a Public Prompts to a Private Prompt which is the thread where forking is explained.

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I think that you misunderstood my question. With my paid membership “elite” I was able to see the prompt, copy the prompt and edit the prompt so that it was specific to the task I needed to perform. I could then copy that prompt into ChatGPT with the edits and have ChatGPT perform the task. It wasn’t a case of editing someone else’s prompt within AIPRM. I have no idea what “forking” a prompt is. If it is just another work for “copying”, that I understand. I will read the link you attached, thank you.

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I see. View Prompt Source is still a feature of Elite plans (and above).

Ammon: The ability to see the “view prompt template source” was a feature of the “Premium” plan which I have and paid for the entire year. Now when I try to “view the prompt template source” it says you have to upgrade to an “Elite” plan. My question is, why are the features of the plan I originally purchased not available?

Okay, so, the fact it is prompting you to upgrade to a plan you believe you already have is the main clue here. AIPRM isn’t recognizing you as an Elite premium user. This might be an issue with the account logged in (check what @RealityMoez mentioned above for that), or that for some reason the subscription has lapsed - for that last one, check the billing portal to ensure your subscription is active.

You can email hello@aiprm.com for direct staff support if you wish, including any screenshots that you feel may help.

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Ammon: The plan that I purchased was the “premium” Plan which included the “view prompt template source” This was paid by the year. The premium plan is not longer offered and is now called the AIPRM PRO plan. The features which were in the premium plan are not the same as in the pro plan, specifically the ability to “view prompt template source”. My question is; why is the feature that I had paid for not available? (The correct account is connected as mentioned by @RealityMoez )

Okay, so we all understand that the reason you don’t have access to an ‘Elite Plan’ feature is because you don’t have an Elite Plan. There are always ways to see a prompt that is public, but the specific, easy, and convenient “View Source” feature is something that was added specifically to Elite plans and above, not something that was taken away from other plans.

As you can see, this was a new, added feature, released on 20th March.

Before that you likely used other methods to see the source, the actual prompt, such as discussed in Is it possible to view the actual prompt of a preset?

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This plan never existed.

This is also incorrect. The AIPRM Pro Plan was always called that.

as Ammon pointed out, it never had the “View Prompt Source” feature, which was added specifcally to the Elite plan.

If you never paid for the Elite plan, then you never paid for the “View Prompt Source” feature.

Even this is incorrect. You purchased AIPRM Pro plan monthly with this Email.

Thank you, but I don’t understand why you believe you purchased AIPRM Elite, or annual.