Spintax Generator (GPT3.5 + GPT4)

Link to the Prompt

What the Prompt does

  • Creates simple Spintax with 10 variations from the input phrase
  • Useful prompt for comparing GPT3.5 vs. GPT4

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5

AIPRM is really cool


Sure, here are 10 variations of spun text for "AIPRM is really cool" in English:

AIPRM is {absolutely|undeniably|truly} cool.
{Without a doubt|Certainly|Definitely}, AIPRM is cool.
AIPRM is {incredibly|amazingly|astonishingly} cool.
You {can't go wrong|won't be disappointed|will love} with AIPRM, it's cool.
Cool is an understatement when it comes to AIPRM - it's {outstanding|remarkable|extraordinary}.
{Everyone|People|Users} agrees, AIPRM is really cool.
AIPRM is {ahead of its time|innovative|cutting-edge} and cool.
If you want {cool|awesome|amazing}, AIPRM is the way to go.
AIPRM is {the epitome|the embodiment|the pinnacle} of cool.
AIPRM is {simply|just|purely} cool, {no question|hands down|no contest}.

Example Prompt Output GPT4

AIPRM is really cool

{AIPRM is really cool|Really cool is AIPRM|AIPRM, truly cool|Coolness defines AIPRM|AIPRM's coolness is undeniable|AIPRM excels in coolness|AIPRM exhibits true coolness|Cool AIPRM, indeed|AIPRM's cool factor is high|AIPRM is the epitome of cool}

How I came up with it

There are still some applications where Spintax is useful, for example automated tweet tools or other old school “marketing tools”

More insights

It’s interesting to see how GPT4 is much more precise towards creating 10 variations of the original and trivial phrase, while GPT3.5 seems to add a lot more “creativity” (temperature). This seems to be the exact opposite of what some people wrote about “GPT4 being more creative”.

GPT4 is not “more creative” according to limited tests with this prompt, it’s more to-the-point.


GPT4 is, however, much more likely to understand “I’d like you to come up with 25 entirely different and creative ways of effectively re-writing the following sentence” :smiley:

Awesome, I can finally put some of my older software licences to rest now that you created this! Thanks - it’s a really useful prompt